Welcome to Oysters Tasmania

The Tasmanian oyster industry is a vibrant and developing marine farming sector in Tasmania. The Tasmanian oyster industry currently provides direct employment for over 300 people, who produce around 4 million dozen oysters each year, with an estimated 'farm gate' value of $24 million.

The Tasmanian industry is an Australian leader in culture technology. The industry is based primarily on the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) – with hatchery-reared juveniles being grown to market size on licensed marine farms. Since the establishment of the first of Tasmania's four hatcheries in the 1980s, growers have been able to access reliable supplies of spat (baby oysters). Culture techniques have moved from sticks to plastic mesh baskets and envelopes.

Oysters are grown around the north, east and south-east coasts of Tasmania – from the far north-west coast through to the southern part of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, south of Hobart. Most areas used by the oyster industry are leased within the intertidal zone, although there are some deeper water areas also being used. There are currently over 100 license holders leasing a total area of about 1450 ha.