Image by Long Lunch Tour CompanyThe Tasmanian Shellfish Executive Council & the Bruny Island Shellfish Growers Association are delighted to welcome you to shellfish futures 2013.  We have an important program lined up – one that will help determine the shape of industry representation and management into the future. The conference theme is “What happens when S%#T happens?” and will examine and shape industry’s response to a challenging year.

“What happens when S%#T happens?”

These are incredibly challenging times for the Tasmanian oyster industry.
Naturally occurring hazards and biosecurity threats are adding to economic uncertainty. You’ll hear from Australian growers who have met POMS, toxic microalgae and faecal contamination head on. You’ll hear how TSQAP is in urgent need of increased resourcing.
And you’ll be asked to have your say on how industry should manage these issues.
TSEC encourages all lease holders and farmers to attend this important conference as there will be a vote taken at the TSEC growers meeting to determine how you will fund your organisation into the future. This vote will set the basis for restructuring your representative body and how growers in all areas can best be represented. Please make the effort to attend and make your vote count.