Below is a range of useful publications for those working in the Oyster industry.

The Super Salty Slush Puppy

High saline sub zero treatment for oyster over-catch fouling – Newsletter #1 (PDF 425KB)

Oyster-Over-catch-Hyper-saline-Cold-Shock-Treatment Final-Report

Grading System

The Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre Pacific Oyster Grading System (PDF file 827KB)
This grading system provides a visual guide to all size ranges – one part of the criteria to be assessed when packing oysters.


Food Safety Management System for Live Tasmanian Farmed Bivalve Molluscs [Zipped Word document 1.6 MB] or [Word Document 3.8 MB]
The HACCP Plan included in this Template has been reviewed by a technical committee and has been endorsed by the Food Safety Branch of DPIPWE and Oysters Tasmania.

The Seafood CRC Oyster Refrigeration Index

Australian Seafood CRC Oyster Refrigeration Index is a predictive model that estimates the growth and survival of V. parahaemolyticus and total viable count (TVC) bacteria in Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas).



Oysters Tasmania Annual Financial Report 2015-2016

Annual Financial Report 2015-2016