POMs_report_3A report summarising current understandings and desired outcomes and actions regarding the Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS) has just been released.

The POMS virus has been responsible since at least 2008 for devastating mortalities of 80-100% of farmed oysters in parts of Europe, France and New Zealand.

The Oysters Australia project was funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC 2011/043) in response to the threat posed to the Australian Pacific oyster industry by the incursion of the POMS virus.

In late 2010 the disease was found in dead and dying Pacific oysters in an estuary in NSW. In early 2011 the disease was found in a second estuary in NSW. The virus is now listed as notifiable disease.

The virus, if spread unchecked in Australia, has the potential to severely harm the Pacific oyster aquaculture industry, which is currently worth about $100 million in farm gate sales in SA, Tasmania and NSW.

The report is entitled “Understanding and planning for the potential impacts of OsHV-1 μVar on the Australian Pacific oyster industry (FRDC 2011/043).”

The report is downloadable from the Oysters Australia Industry Blog site or download as a pdf [PDF 3.1 MB]