Oysters_Australia_blogOysters Australia’s brand new state of the art Industry Blog web site is now active. Have a look and feel free to initiate some blog comments.

We would be pleased if you could promote the blog far and wide in your networks and on your web pages. The web site address is: oystersaustraliablog.org.au

Also a new Quarterly Newsletter is available which anyone can subscribe to at the blog site at oystersaustraliablog.org.au/enews.

We are hoping the blog will increase industry conversation and knowledge sharing, particularly regarding new research and development issues and ideas.

The site is also linked to a new quarterly eNewsletter that anyone can sign up for.

The site has been developed as part of the new CRC project Trialing Regional Grower Groups to Extend and Build on CRC Outputs. There will be more communication about establishing the grower groups in the near future.

The Oysters Australia Board and the Seafood CRC have identified the need to develop and deliver practical, grower-focused extension and communication activities to increase the return from CRC research & development outputs. Part of the project is the establishment of this blog site to extend communication opportunities and national discussion of key issues.